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Secretary General

Aditi Chhajed


Albert Einstein once said, “Peace is not merely the absence of war but the presence of justice, of law, of order—in short, of government”. MUN is fundamentally a revolutionary simulation of international diplomacy where aspiring diplomats, known as delegates, strive to reflect the values of sovereign nations. In a world where there is a constant state of conflict, it is our endeavour to traverse perspective and enable ourselves to form opinions. In essence, MUN is a vocation, an intellectual and ethical dedication to the ideals of diplomacy, justice, and peace that allow palpable discussions and is an ultimate form of expression. It is a manifestation of the world envisioned—a world where the power of words outweighs the might of weapons, where cooperation transcends conflict, and where the pursuit of global harmony becomes an unwavering anthem.


Deputy Secretary General

Srinjoy Goswami 

Ever since the spread of civilisation, there has been discourse over topics, with different people holding different views. It is my belief that all these views must be adequately represented before any conclusions can be drawn. MUN is in the same vein, with the goal being to provide adequate representation to different nations represented by students, helping one view the world and different situations from a more nuanced perspective. In an ideal world, the issues that trouble our world would be handled in a similar fashion as the way they are solved in MUN: through reasonable debate, where everyone gets a voice, and decisions are made that favour the majority. 


Director General

Aanya Kapadia 

“Some people survive the chaos and that is how they grow, but some people thrive in chaos because chaos is all they know”. There are two instigators of conflict in the world: order and disorder. The 21st-century international landscape grapples with a profound dilemma—the relentless pursuit of national interests versus the imperative of fostering international synergy. At BDMUN’23, our mission is to "revolutionize, restore, and reveal" current affairs.

Throughout BDMUN’23, I urge you to embody the spirit of the Chinese who use two brush strokes to write the term ‘crisis’ (meaning: problem). One stroke that resembles danger and the other gleaming for the opportunity. It is in this duality that we find the essence of MUN where challenges are met with resilience, and crises become opportunities for innovative solutions.

For now, I’d like to leave you with something to ponder over: “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” MUN, akin to the game of chess, demands strategic acumen. Prudent choices are imperative, for any misstep will entail consequences. Choose your moves wisely.
Until November, This is Aanya Kapadia and I am your Director General for BDMUN’23.

Looking forward to seeing you there soon!

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