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To discuss the abortion rights of women with special emphasis on Roe vs Wade

The UN Women is a United Nations Committee dedicated to the empowerment of women and gender equality- working towards meeting the needs of women. The committee designs laws, policies, programmes and services and ensures their implementation for the benefit of women and girls worldwide. 

Abortion rights have been a pressing issue worldwide, as the ban attacks the fundamental human rights of women and hinders their progress since much before the suffragette movement. The United States were and remain to be a country of revolution, revelation and restoration- but struggled immensely to strike a balance between conservation and extremism, with particular emphasis on the right to abortion. In 1970, Jane Roe filed a lawsuit against Henry Wade, the District Attorney of Dallas County in Texas- challenging the criminal abortion laws preventing her from acquiring an abortion. After years of deliberation, abortions were legalised throughout the United States of America, in what is known today as the famous Roe V Wade class action. However, in December 2021, with the passing of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health whose passing subsequently resulted in the overturning of Roe V Wade, banning abortion rights. As of 2023, the United States has been divided as each state determines its 

This year, at BDMUN delegates of this committee will be discussing the cruial topic that is abortion rights by evaluating the implementation of Roe v. Wade and its recent overturning. For the first time, instead of countries or people, delegates will assume the roles of states in the United States of America;  Attemppting to reach  
a resolution after the recent 'ban' on abortion rights and its future implications on the trajectory of American lives- and its influence on the western world.




Sarrah Arsiwalla


Ella Bhujwala
Assistant Director  


Dear Delegates,

With immense pleasure and excitement, I welcome you to the United Nations Women committee at BDMUN 2023! This is your director, Sarrah Arsiwalla: experienced ‘munner’ and first-time chair.  I am in the ninth grade at B.D Somani International School, and it seems fitting that I chair for the first time at the school that has not only introduced me to this exciting world of politics, debate and international affairs but has cultivated these skills into something greater. 

I started participating in MUNs in the sixth grade, in 2021, amidst COVID-19. My first ever MUN was online, and after the experience I had, you’d have thought I’d be done with MUNs forever. Instead of screaming my side of the story, our days were filled with ‘mods’ and ‘unmods’, where I, as a first-time delegate got to speak only once. I was horrified by the incredibly nulling conference and had sworn to never do MUNs again. But I was so wrong. When I had the chance to take part in Junior MUN at my school, I got to see the reality of what ‘munning’ truly was. In the most diplomatic way, we screamed in 3 v 3s, asking the most inconceivable questions, changing foreign policies as per crises and giving speeches that had the entire room banging their tables. By the end of that conference, I remember telling my friends: “Why don’t they have us be part of the UN, we came to a conclusion in like 3 days”. And while that was a very naive thought, I think it unveiled the debater inside me. So for any first-time debater, I promise you that MUN is an extraordinary experience, maybe not the first time- but as long as you speak confidently, think logically and do not yield to public pressure, you’ll be more than okay!

A lot of times in life, you might believe you are being judged for your opinions- I know I have. And then sometimes you change them, just to fit everybody’s viewpoint; the brilliant thing about MUNs is that you are representing somebody other than yourself, the beliefs of someone else and presenting the ideas of someone else. You embody a person, a state or a country on a specific issue and then its fate is left up to you. It is then your job to negotiate for what is in the best interest of your delegation. There lies only one key to achieving this: research. I stress that while throughout the conference your state's view might change, research is your base from which you build your entire argument- the stepping stone to being a great debater.

Personally, MUN has been the perfect outlet for me to apply my skills and enhance my knowledge on the subjects I want to pursue; And hopefully, it can help each of you the same way. My affinity for reading and writing, are prominent in the draft resolutions we write, the passionate speeches we give and the deep questions we must ask. As a history student myself, the contrasting ideas in this work have always intrigued me. From the viewpoint of one person, right and wrong seem so clear- but after evaluating each side, their reasons, and their beliefs- it seems like a great feat that any conflict has been resolved.

As delegates of the United Nations Women's Committee, your role is to do just this. Evaluate the injustice in our world, understand the global situation and attempt to reach to a fair conclusion. The topic, regarding abortion rights and Roe V Wade perplexes me as much as it does America; the idea of ‘her body, her choice’ versus the insinuation of murder is something nobody should have to face- but that is the reality of our world today. Delegates, it is imperative that you come to a judgment, deciding whether this paramount choice should be in the hands of the individual or the government.

Up to this point, I’ve been talking just about MUNs however, contrary to what most people will believe, I do have a life beyond that.  I pride myself on learning and knowing Chinese and French- and attempting to learn Spanish. I spend a lot of my time practising piano, but do not ask what I can play- nobody knows Trinity songs.  As an avid reader, if you don’t see me for hours- as I’m probably curled up with a book and disconnected from life; One of my favourite books is Becoming by Michelle Obama. During lockdown, I’ve picked up this constant habit of watching sitcoms and cooking- a hobby which helps me unwind whenever I choose to partake in it. As I’ve mentioned earlier I’m a history, literature and business student, and hopefully future law student. While most of my hobbies don’t funnel into my future career, ‘munning’ helps me gain confidence and some experience in defending someone whose beliefs don’t align with mine.

As I come to an end, to what I hope isn’t too long of a  letter- I wish you good luck in your preparation for this committee. In par with the theme, I hope you through revelations of your own revolutionise the law and restore stability in the world. This committee will be hard work and require dedication and skill; in these three days, we will give passionate and convincing speeches and engage in rigorous debate, immerse ourselves in a new experience and above all, make some memories to last a lifetime. I look forward to meeting you all and towards a conference filled with fruitful debate. Until BDMUN 2023, this is it from your director.

Warm Regards,
Sarrah Arsiwalla (
Director of UNW
BDMUN 2023

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