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The Iranian Revolution Council: Discussing the Events Leading to the Iranian Revolution in Order to Rebuild the Iranian Government

This committee’s main objective is to dive deep into one of the most transformational movements of the 20th century history, the Iranian Revolution. We will explore the events leading up to the Iranian Revolution and tackle the crucial task of rebuilding the Iranian Government. Our journey begins at the end of January (serving as our freeze date), immediately following the throes of revolution. At this point, Iran is up for grabs by the multiple powers (people/countries)  wanting to establish a base over there. Delegates will be set with the task of finding the new ruler of Iran (both international and domestic historical figures can equally debate to establish their hold over Iran). 

The Iranian Revolution, spanning from 1978-79, caused a momentous shift in the geopolitical landscape with consequences not only for Iran itself but the entire world. It marked the end of the Pahlavi monarchy under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and gave rise to the Islamic Republic of Iran, founded and led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khmoeini. This revolution was driven by a complex combination of sociopolitical, economic, and religious forces, as well as decades of dissatisfaction with the Shah's authoritarian reign and how he fell prey to Western influence. 

The committee will be revisiting the past  to examine the fabric of political, social, and cultural factors that converged to ignite this revolutionary spark. We will analyze the role of key figures, both domestic and international, as well as the dynamics of regional and global power that influenced the Revolution. 

Our primary focus will be on the process of rebuilding the Iranian government while navigating the complexities of post-revolutionary turbulence. The challenges were immense, and the true clash of ideologies will be displayed in committee, to name a few, the USSR’s need to spread communism, USA’s need to spread capitalism and the Iraqis need for an only Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. However, our secondary focus will be on ensuring that the country flourishes in terms of re-establishing foreign relations and restoring the country’s economy to what it once was.

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Veda Shah


Satej Salgarkar
Assistant Director  


Honourable Delegates,

It is with utmost pleasure and excitement that I welcome each one of you to the first ever Iranian Revolution Council at B.D Somani Model United Nations 2023! My name is Veda Shah and I am a tenth grader at B.D. Somani International School. My love for Model UN stemmed from my love of informal debate in my Global Perspectives class. However, in my formative years of discovering this ‘passion for arguing,’ I never wanted it to leave the safe expanse of my classroom. 

As a fan of world history, I have always loved learning about the clash of ideologies. The injustice it brings, the repression, the unwavering mindsets of leaders, the influence of other nations and more importantly, the transformation it brings to a society. This is exactly what occurred in Iran around 45 years ago, and the gravity of the past still weighs down on us as we still witness the uninterrupted instability it has brought to the country.   

Shifting to a more personal note, I am one to immerse myself in the fictional world of books, some of my favorites being Six of Crows and Dance of Thieves. I am also one to go and play my heart out on a football field or a tennis court. My forever idols will always be Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and yes, Manchester is blue. One of my favorite pastimes is trekking. Moreover, I am a certified ‘Duolinger’ with a streak of almost 300 days. As long as there is decorum maintained in committee, you will not be subjected to my colorful range of Russian vocabulary. My love for foreign languages extends into my music preferences as I listen to a lot of Spanish music. 

As delegates of the Iranian Revolution Council, you have assumed the roles of key historical figures who played pivotal roles in the revolution. Your task will be to represent the interests, ideologies and visions of these dynamic individuals while navigating the turbulent events within the madness of what we call revolution.

I would stress the importance of thorough preparation. Familiarize yourself with the historical context, embody the feelings of the individuals you are representing and the power of the positions they held. Explore the intricacies of the causes, consequences and geopolitical dynamics of the revolution. You must achieve a delectable balance between creativity and practicality in crises, paperwork and lobbying. However, we must keep the principles of respect, diplomacy and well thought out dialogue throughout the course of the conference. It is only through open and civil discourse that we can achieve meaningful conclusions. 

I learned a valuable lesson from my first conference that can be applicable to a debater with any level of experience; do not succumb to the pressure you face whether it be while addressing the committee verbally or through written work, it is only through these challenges that we learn to break out of the mould we have kept ourselves in. Model UN truly helped me escape the mental blockage I had about voicing my thoughts out loud. 

I look forward to witnessing your creativity, commitment and passion toward this intellectually stimulating committee.“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, it is this quote that captures the true essence of this committee. As delegates you have the opportunity to redirect the trajectory of the future in the past - and I have immense confidence that with the fate of Iran in your hands, you are not condemned to making the same mistakes. 

Throughout the conference, I am here to support you, answer your queries and ensure that committee sessions run smoothly. Do not hesitate to reach out if you require assistance or guidance. I hope to make some amazing memories with all of you!

Best of luck,
Director of IRC
BDMUN 2023

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