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Aditya Mehra 



Aakash Datwani 
Assistant Director  


Dear Delegates,
Welcome to Formula 1! I am Aditya Mehra and I am honoured to be your director for the Formula 1 committee at BDMUN 2023. For those of you who do not know me, I study in Grade 12 in B. D. Somani International School and currently I am pursuing the IB curriculum.

About this committee; Formula 1 is a committee like no other, known for its passionate debates and intense rivalries. This committee is regulated to only 24 delegates and is highly competitive. Similarly to formula 1, I want to see the same competitive spirit and risks being taken as they are on a qualifying lap in the rain. I am extremely passionate about the sport, and my love for it extends beyond the confines of the track itself, I participate in the Formula 1 in Schools Competition as well as a part of my extracurricular activities. 

On a personal note, I am too a business, football (Manchester is red), cars, and Marvel (I will argue to my last breath as to why it is the greatest movie franchise ever built) fanatic. I also consider myself to be somewhat of an amateur guitarist. Watching my favourite sports and rewatching the same movies and shows for the 15th time is how I love to spend my weekends. 

This specialised committee brings upon higher expectations, I urge you all to be well versed with your delegations and their history as well as their direct competitors which in this case is every other delegate. I would advise you all to raise your placards, initiate conflicts, put forth your ideas and try to exploit the errors of your fellow delegates at every turn.

As I approach the end of this letter, I would like to conclude by saying that I await to see battles as intense as the battles in the 2021 championship. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or clarifications(unless of course you are a Max fan, I am joking obviously). I look forward to 3 days of debate and I wish you all the best! It’s lights out and away we go.

“If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you’re no longer a racing driver.” -Ayrton Senna,

Aditya Mehra (
Director of Formula 1 
BDMUN 2023

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